The time we spend with our baby is precious. So often, our maternity leave is over before we know it.

Make every day count – engage in some quality activities and create beautiful memories along the way.

Radiant Mother Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Courses are the perfect way to bond and have fun with your newborn.

The Radiant Mother Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes have been running successfully in the South Staffordshire area for over 10 years. Hundreds of happy Mums and Babies have enjoyed a combination of Baby Massage, Baby Reflexology, Baby Yoga and Post-Natal Yoga. Many mums also return with each new addition to their family.

The Courses can be taken separately, or together.  Each 5 Week Baby Massage Course is followed by a 6 Week Mother and Baby Course.

You can start the Baby Massage from as early as 8 weeks, and the Baby Yoga from 12 weeks.

Baby Yoga Class
Baby Massage Class
Baby Yoga Class
Baby Massage Class

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a wonderful, nurturing experience to share quality time with your Newborn Baby, to have fun and explore the loving bond between you. It is relaxing and soothing for both you and your Baby, and it can also be helpful in relieving colic, wind, crying, teething, sleeplessness, fractiousness and Post-Natal Depression.

Baby Massage is the perfect introduction to any activity with your Newborn Baby. The best time to learn massage, and introduce it to your baby, is from 8 weeks. At this age, they are still very new, and finding out about themselves, their bodies, and their parents. Receiving loving touch helps them to recognise and integrate sensory perceptions in a loving, gentle way. Once Massage has become part of their daily routine, you can continue to massage your baby for many years to come.

It’s also a great way to meet other new mums and grow a lovely network of new, lifelong friends.

The Course is 5 Weeks long, during which time you will learn a full massage routine including a session on the wonderfully calming Baby Reflexology, in a relaxed, friendly environment. Full Course Notes and Massage Oils are provided. Occasionally your Baby may spend the entire session either sleeping or feeding. This is entirely normal for new babies, and is actually quite common in the classes! I have designed the course with this in mind, and there will be plenty of options to review and recap all the techniques and routines learned.


All Courses are held at Barton Village Hall, Crowberry Lane, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire DE13 8AF.  We are upstairs in the Douglas Room.

Mother and Baby Yoga

So, what is Baby Yoga?  It’s a fun exercise session for both you and your Baby, consisting of gentle movements and stretches, lifts, holds and swings.  It offers your baby physical and mental development and stimulation, through the combination of touching, handling, singing and stroking, which brings about a powerful multi-sensory experience.

The Post-Natal element of the Classes help to gently tone and strengthen those areas in need of attention after having your baby – you know where they are! Abs, Pelvic Floor and Upper Back and Shoulders receive a good workout in each session.  A perfect way to gently get back into appropriate exercise for your newly Post-Natal body. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

As a new parent, you will learn to increase your confidence in actively handling and holding your baby.  The Yoga movements enhance the development of your Baby’s nervous system, whilst strengthening their muscles and spine.  It can help soothe an anxious baby, relieve colic and improve sleep patterns.  In a 20 minute session, your Baby will receive as much physical activity as they would normally in a full day.  This extra activity often leads to babies sleeping for longer and more deeply after a Yoga session.  Yes, they really do!

Here’s a short video of some of the moves we do in Baby Yoga…..

Baby Massage Testimonials

“Theo really enjoyed the baby massage and always has a good sleep after which is amazing!”

“The course was great – a really good pace and balance of baby and parent focussed support.”  

“Our favourite baby class.  Lovely relaxing environment to spend time with the little one”   

“Fabulous Course. Really useful stuff. Very knowledgable instructor. Relaxed and friendly. Perfect!”

“The massage course was excellent.  I liked how it built up each week to a full routine and all the little songs too! Will definitely use this at home. Thank You”  

“You create such a relaxed environment.  I don’t worry about my baby crying”.

“He smiles such a lot when I do the hand warm up as he knows what is coming!”

“The course was really informative and relaxed.  The notes helped my baby brain remember what to do”

“Really enjoyed the Course and have used the techniques at home quite a lot – definitely useful at bedtime.  Thank You”.

“Lovely course!  I really enjoyed some quiet, relaxing time with Matilda and have loved trying out the massages at home.  After bath time, they definitely help her sleep better and relax!”

“The Reflexology was really interesting.  Good tips for relaxing baby”.

“Enjoyed meeting other Mums and making new friends.  Looking forward to the Baby Yoga!”

Baby Yoga Testimonials

“Excellent class.  Nice to bond with baby and the bonus of a bit of exercise too.”   

“Really enjoyed the course.  Good mix of activities and content for baby and mum.  Learnt some new songs and enjoyed doing them at home. Thanks for a lovely course and a good opportunity to meet new Mums”   

“Absolutely loved it second time around. Great venue and Julie is fantastic. Thank You!”  

“Really enjoyed myself, would recommend it to others and will come again if I have another baby!”  

“Enjoyed it, Brilliant!  The Twins loved it.  A great bonding hour. I will continue to practice these moves. Thank you Julie!”  

“Great course – lovely to see the babies developing.  Thank You”

“The course was absolutely fantastic!  I’ve learnt what to do to make my baby sleep better in the day”

“Fantastic instruction and support as always.  Very informative and focussed on issues that Mums would like to be addressed.  Baby loved it and we practice the moves often”

“Had a lovely time coming along to all the classes.  Yoga was nice as it’s easy to do at home – would recommend”.

“Enjoyed the flexibility of the course.  Julie is very patient and helpful – very understanding of feeding and nappy changes!”

“Super course – lots of fun moves to play with at home too.  Thank you”.

“Brilliant course.  Edward and I have really enjoyed every session.  Great balance of exercises for Mum and Baby.  Thanks, Julie”



STARTS :   19th July, 2017

TIME :   10.30am-11.45am

ENDS :  16th August, 2017

COST :  £40 Including Oils and a Full Set of Notes




STARTS :  10th July, 2017

TIME :  11.15am – 12.45pm

ENDS :   14th August, 2017

COST :  £45 (£42 if attended Baby Massage)


Can my Husband/Partner/Mother come along?
Yes, absolutely!  I love to encourage other members of the family to come to the sessions.  The babies particularly enjoy having a ‘double massage’!
Courses will only run with a minimum of 7 participants.  Courses with few than 7 bookings by the start date will be postponed or cancelled.  In the rare event of a cancellation, you can either transfer your payment to a future course, or receive a full payment.
What do I need to bring?

For the Baby Massage, please bring a change mat or blanket for your baby to lie on, and an old or coloured towel.

For the Baby Yoga, please bring a Yoga or Exercise mat. I have some spare mats that you can use if you don’t have one.

For both courses, please bring some fluids for your baby as they will be dehydrated afterwards.

My Baby is under 8 Weeks old. Can we still come to the Massage Course?

I recommend that the earliest age for your baby to come to any class is 8 weeks. Although you can massage your baby from birth, you will find that for the first couple of months your baby spends most of their time either sleeping or feeding, and class participation might be limited.

However, every baby is different, and if you notice that your baby is spending some alert, awake time prior to 8 weeks, they may be able to enjoy the classes.

I can't make one of the sessions. Can I just pay for those I can attend?

The course fee is a one-off payment, and is for the full tuition and handouts – regardless of how many sessions you are able to make. I have designed the course so that each session follows on from the last, with some overlap, so that you can make up for any missed sessions.

In some instances, I can offer you the opportunity to make up a missed week on the next course, but this will be dependent on any spaces being available.

How do I book on?

Click on the orange button and fill in the online form.  Make sure that you get a confirmation message after pressing ‘submit’.  If you wish to pay via BACS, I’ll send you an email with the details on.  Otherwise, post a cheque to the address on the form.

If you are not sure yet about continuing on to do the Baby Yoga course, there will be an opportunity to book a place during the Baby Massage course.

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