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Why attend Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

You are probably aware of the physical and emotional benefits of yoga.

Calm Mind.    Health Strong Body.

These are even more important during pregnancy.

Yoga allows you to be connected.  To be fully present.  To be fully aware of your body, and of your baby. It is this connection, forged gently and subconsciously over time, that allows you to birth lightly.

A regular Pregnancy Yoga class will keep your body healthy, stretch out all your aches and pains, and give you tools and techniques to prepare you fully for birth.

I believe that the more informed we are, the better we can prepare for whatever life throws at us.  

I endeavour to unravel the mysteries of pregnancy and labour during the classes, giving lots of information, along with advice on topics such as Optimum Foetal Positioning – essential for getting your baby into the correct position for labour;  taking care of your perineum to avoid tearing;  how to use a Birthing Ball for pregnancy and labour;  and sharing the experiences of the other Mums who have taken this journey – hearing the weekly Birth Stories is often a highlight of the classes.

I offer you nurture, support and knowledge.




Douglas Room (upstairs)

Barton Village Hall

The next Monday class will be 5th June.

£9.00 Drop-in or £32 for 4 week block




Shingles Room (downstairs)

Barton Village Hall

£9.00 Drop-in or £32 for 4 week block


Private Sessions

In your Home, at Barton,

or via Skype

See below for price range


Barton Village Hall

Crowberry Lane

Barton-under-Needwood, Burton-on-Trent

Staffordshire     DE13 8AF

What is Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy or Pre-Natal Yoga is a specialised class for pregnant women. The physical postures (asanas) are modified from classical yoga, and some unique poses and movements are included which you won’t find in a regular class. There are some classical breathing techniques that we teach (pranayama)  plus some unique Birthing Breaths. The classes follow the same structure as a general yoga class, but are dedicated for pregnancy – you don’t have to be an experienced Yogini to attend.  Many Mums start their Yoga journey during pregnancy.

What will a Session cover?

In the sessions, we will cover a variety of Breathwork techniques that can be useful for Labour, for lowering the Blood Pressure, calming and relaxing, energising and focusing. The Posture work will train your body to understand what position and movements you feel comfortable with and that you may wish to use during labour. There are gentle hip openers, back stretches, and standing postures for strength, balances and flowing sequences to improve the circulation. And lots of stretches to ease out hip pain, rib pain, cramp, backache, and lots more! The relaxation or meditation at the end of each session allows you to access deep reserves of energy and bring about a profound sense of calm. And there will be lots, and lots of information!

There are specific sessions on:- working with birthing balls; breathing for labour; useful positions to adopt during labour; how to encourage your baby into the optimum position for labour; sacral massage; chair work and partner work. There is also the opportunity to book a Half Day Birthing Workshop with your Partner.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

As well as being a practical preparation for labour, and providing a gentle exercise regime, some of the common conditions of pregnancy may also be improved through regular practice of ante-natal yoga:-





High Blood Pressure

Varicose Veins


Weak Bladder

Rib Pain

Lower Back Pain


Symphysis Pubis Disorder/Dysfunction (SPD)

Sacro-iliac pain

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Low Blood Pressure/Dizziness




Hip Pain


Classes are £8.00 each, payable in 4 weekly blocks of £32, until you reach 37 weeks gestation, when you pay weekly as you attend.

First class can be a Taster at £8.00. Drop in cost £9.00. (Useful if you work shifts or have other children at home).

One to One Sessions are £75 for a Home Visit, or £65 at Barton for the first hour and a half session.

Subsequent sessions are £50 Home Visits/£40 in Barton for a hour session.

Skype Sessions are £55 for the first hour and a half session, £30 for subsequent session.

Book a block of 4 Skype sessions for £100!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start coming to the classes?

It is recommended to attend Ante-Natal Yoga after Week 14. This is usually the time when your nausea and fatigue subside.  If you wish to start sooner, and feel able to do so, please get in touch.  If you would like to wait till Week 14, but want to do something in the meantime at home, please check out the Blog Post and short Video Class for the First Trimester.

How long can I keep coming?


Most Mums continue with the classes right up to their due date.  I’ve even had a few mums keep coming up to 42 weeks!

What if I miss a class that I paid for?

If you pay for a 4 week Block and unfortunately have to miss a session, I don’t offer any credits or refunds.  However, you can make up the class by attending the Monday morning session if you are able.

I can't get to the class for 6.30pm

Don’t worry – it usually takes me 10 minutes to do the admin and then we have another 10-15 minutes to catch up, share birth stories and discuss any other issues.  I am happy for you to arrive 15-20 minutes late – you will still get a lot of benefit from the classes.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a Yoga or Exercise mat, a pillow and a blanket in Winter months. I have some spare mats that you can use if you don’t have one.  You may wish to bring some water/juice along aswell.

Occasionally we do a session using birthing/gym balls. These can be an invaluable tool for late pregnancy as well as labour.  I will let you know in plenty of time when we will be doing a Birthing Ball session, and I have some spare balls to borrow if you don’t have one.

I can't make one of the sessions during the 4 week Block

If you know you can’t make one of the sessions prior to paying for the block, just let me know and you can pay for 3 sessions for that block.  Any less than 3 sessions will become a drop-in payment.


I first met Julie at 14 weeks pregnant, following recommendations from both my sisters. From Day 1 I was hooked and really benefitted from Julie’s excellent tuition. I was really impressed by Julie’s approach to the Labour process and signed up for the Active Birth Session immediately. My Husband really benefitted from attending this Session, and I don’t think we would have had such a positive birth experience if we hadn’t attended.

Heidi, David and Alexander

First Time Mama

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Not Quite 14 Weeks Yet?

Check out this Blog Post on ‘How to Survive the First Trimester’, and try out this simple Yoga and Relaxation practice.

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